Sunday, 23 January 2011

Damien Hirst Looks To Hire Assistant for £10,000,000 Artwork

To the right: Damien Hirst's famous formaldehyde Zebra.

Damien Hirst has offered a role for an assistant artist to help him with his new artwork which is estimated to sell for up to £10 million once completed.  The job pays £20,000 P/A, which I would say is a pretty decent salary, considering the fact that a lot of aspiring artists would do it for free!

Whatever you think of Damien Hirst's work, such as his 'Golden Calf' or his 'Diamond Encrusted Skull', he has became very successful and wealthy since he came onto the art scene.  Hirst is said to be worth at least £215 million and currently lives in a £3 million house in Gloucestershire.

Back in 2008, Hirst sold his collection 'Beautiful Inside My Head' for an astonishing £111 million, which is the most money ever paid for an auction of work by a single artist.

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